Build it and they will come. And they did. Well, it did. #RebootingEden #Sheffield #RooftopGarden


On Sunday 9th October 2016, we finally started moving plants on-site at the DINA Rooftop Garden, and things started happening immediately.

After some anticipated delays, we moved approximately 100 plants on-site. Not 100 different plants but 100 individuals and quite a diverse collection. It was a genuinely emotional moment as we re-potted some of the plants into larger containers and watered them with water we had collected from the roofs, gathered into the adapted barrels we bought.


To witness the event, we also had Ben Court, an undergraduate student in journalism from the University of Sheffield, to document the event for one of his assignments.


Fran being interviewed by Ben, in the shadow of the soon-to-be-demolished Grosvenor Hotel.

Also, thanks to Andy Cropper who has volunteered some regular time to the project, and helped us do some preliminary work on the roof.


Like I said before, I am the brawn and Fran is the brains, and she has done a lot of work at home already, seeding and nurturing plants that we have gathered from various donors, and here is an immediate result, our first bee.


We have a long way to go, and with winter approaching, we won’t see much for a few months, but it feels good to see something happening.

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