Build it and they will come? Better get on and build it (infrastructure update). #Sheffield #RooftopGarden #DINARooftopGarden


New supports for our Jasminum beesianum and Tayberry.

Today was a very productive day, and the first full day of work on the DINA Rooftop Garden. We have continued to build planters from old furniture & discarded pallets, and also made supports for our climbing / spreading plants.

We joked about up-cycling, artisanal re-purposing and the aesthetics of “shabby chic”, and I pointed out that as far as shabby chic is concerned, I have been halfway there for most of my life.


Climbing support.


Another furniture-based planter.


The nascent shrub garden (shrubs arriving real soon now).


A few extra plants from elsewhere in the building.

We gathered a few more containers and pallets that have been accumulated in the building (thank you Malcolm), re-potted a few plants and started to plan how the garden might look when it starts to bloom next year.


Thanks to Andy “Bucket-Boy” Cropper for his help today.

All in all, a very good day and good weather to be gardening.

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