SPRING HAS SPRUNG! Time to get busy. @DINAVenue #RooftopGarden #Sheffield #BeesB4Banks

After a series of setbacks and delays over the past two months, the last few days have been very productive. Despite no updates since January, we have been plugging away at gathering resources, building planters and replanting.

What’s more, nature has been busy getting on with its own business without us and putting leaves and buds on many of the plants.

A while ago, we found a huge plastic pot at the back of DINA, mostly filled with soil, as well as a few turds. Fran said “I wonder how a dog could get up there”. I said “I don’t think it’s dog”. Anyway, every public toilet has a silver lining and, after digging out all the human faeces, we found dozens of mystery but healthy bulbs buried in the soil, and it looks like some of them are daffodils, hence our first taste of Spring.

Additionally, the Blackthorn bushes that Fran bought are getting very lively and we replanted them into a planter we constructed from discarded pallets (more wanted).

A mystery donation left us with these unidentifiable bare whips:

And here they are springing into life and showing some telltale foliage, replanted into another one of our rustic pallet planters.

Spring is bringing the garden to life and we have had our first bees, butterflies and moths spotted, but we still have a lot to achieve.

Here is a before photo:

And a recent photo:

Whilst this is an unfunded project, it is not without its costs, some of which have come out of our own pockets and some via donations of money and equipment from others. However, we still need more. If you can donate pots, planters or compost, please get in touch.

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