First proper gardening session of 2018 – #DINARooftopGarden #Sheffield

Yesterday was our first session in the rooftop garden, other than moving stuff up there or just calling in. Fran re-potted some plants into bigger containers and I started making new planters with the IKEA bags. We used a half-an-half mixture of the soil donated by friends (which has a lot of clay in it) with some of the woody, peat-free compost from B&Q, and a smaller amount of the black gold from Heeley City Farm.

It’s only April but we spotted several species of invertebrates new to the garden. One bee, one tortoiseshell butterfly (too elusive to photograph), one small hoverfly, redworms (Eisenia foetida),some tiny gnats and a bunch of what we think are dung flies (?) that suddenly appeared after we uncovered a very stinky lump of rotting organic material.

Redworms live on decaying vegetable matter and are the worms that you want in your compost bin.

It’s still early in the year, but we have flowering plants already, thanks to Fran’s advice on species to maintain all-year flowers.

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