18 months and still growing

Well we’ve been at this rooftop garden project for a little over 18 months now and it really does look like a proper garden now.  When I was up there the other day I could actually hear the sound of insects buzzing over the cacophony of the construction site next door.  Result!

View northwest from centre of DINA rooftop garden

As I was on the rooftop for about three hours it gave me time to reflect.  What do the people working on the building site think of the little urban oasis?  Have they even noticed?  There is something wonderfully contrary about time spent pottering about among the plants while the HSBC building, another massive symbol of capitalist consumer culture, is erected a stone’s throw to the south.

Birch and rowan underplanted with bergenias – HSBC building behind

Now that the HSBC building is revealing its true gargantuan size I see that it is going to be taller than anticipated.  The shadow cast is going to be longer and this may mean that some of the sun-loving plants might struggle.  We operate and suck and see approach, and plants are surprisingly adaptable, so fingers crossed that most of them will tolerate a bit of shade throughout the middle of the day.  If not we’ll be building more large planters to accommodate trees underplanted with woodland species.

Birch and rowan underplanted with sweet woodruff – HSBC building behind

As you can see the trees, mostly birch and rowan, are coming along quite nicely and combined with the solid underplanting that provides a bit of cover, this space is fast becoming an important stopover for urban wildlife.

Rosemary in flower, beloved by bees, with purple toadflax to follow

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